IT Consulting

Archon Consulting offers IT services to large enterprise & SME companies. We provide End to End execution of projects. Our team of consultants based in development centers in India and corporate office in the U.S., are poised to help your business grow.

Archon also provides the best of the best in IT consultants for your onsite projects. Our consultants are skilled in areas like Java, C++, .NET technologies, Data Warehousing, Application Testing, ERP and many others.

Consulting Services

Outsourcing feasibility analysis
Process consulting
Architecture Consulting
Cost of Quality
Business Consulting

Application Services

Application development and systems integration
Application Maintenance
Application Re-engineering
Independent Testing and Validation
Product Assurance and Testing
Internet and Enabling Technologies.
Web Services
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Product Engineering


Design and setup of LAN and WAN networks.
Client Server networking using microsoft technology.
Troubleshooting desktop and network related issues
PC repairs and upgrades.
System tune up for improved efficiency and performance